auditioning design elements

On this design page I am auditioning my final picks for type, color, layout, and other creative elements.

Header, Ranch brand logo, and wingding

The source of the header image is "Colorado: Branding Calves" from the Library of Congress. It's a photochrom print taken circa 1898-1905.

The JA Ranch brand is a simple merge of the letters "J" and "A." I decided to transform the brand into a more colorful icon that could be used in a large, recognizable format in the header. I then used a smaller version of the same icon as a wingding to set off h3 paragraphs in the text.

JA Ranch BrandTypography and Color

I decided to stick with F. H. Atkinson Modernized Ideal Classic font. The color palette was inspired by my colorizing work for the image assignment, beginning with subtle shades of earth tones and accented in a dark red.

JA Ranch BrandLayout

After experimenting with layout in previous assignments, I've chosen to use a side menu. My header is a little tall, so I don't want to add to the height of the page that comes before actual content.